Our History

In 1893, Simon Schiffman, the founder of Schiffman's, started a small jewelry business in Greensboro, NC. Its founder, working with only fair physical features of a store and limited monetary assets, used ideals of high integrity and fine quality which have been maintained throughout the history of the corporation to establish it as one of the finest in the country.

Originally, the store was located at 326 South Elm Street on the west side of the street. In 1919, Arnold and Harold Schiffman, guided by Simon's belief in quality merchandise, service, and knowledge, took ownership and relocated at 310 South Elm Street. In 1923, due to Greensboro's growth moving north as it continues today, the store was moved to its present location at 225 South Elm Street. The four story wooden structure burned in 1936 and was rebuilt, as we know it, in 1937. In 1948, after the death of Harold, the store was fully owned by Arnold A. Schiffman and Camille B. Schiffman.

Arnold A. Schiffman, Jr. joined the firm in 1959 and his brother Harry B. Schiffman in 1964. In 1965, Schiffman's purchased Carpenter-Matthew Jewelers in Asheville, NC, located at 33 Battery Park Avenue. In the same year, Arnold A. Schiffman (Mr. A.) became Chairman of the Board, a position he held until his death in 1995. Harry B. Schiffman sold his stock and went to Manteo, NC where he owns Salty Dog Marina. This made Mr. Arnold A. Schiffman, Jr. (Tony) the controlling stockholder and Chief Executive Officer. He has since been joined by the 4th generation of the Schiffman family. Arnold A. Schiffman III, H. Vance Schiffman, and L. Lane Schiffman are currently all Vice-Presidents in the company.

Schiffman's at Friendly was opened in 1971 with a new building built to Schiffman's specifications. Schiffman's purchased McPhails Jewelers of Winston-Salem, NC in 1975, originally located downtown in Winston-Salem on Spruce Street. In 1983, Schiffman's relocated and opened a new building at 153 South Stratford Road. In 1995, Schiffman's relocated and opened a new building at 137 S. Stratford Road. In 1985, Schiffman's bought Sylvan's Jewelers of Columbia SC. Sylvan's has been a leading jeweler of Columbia since 1897. The store is still under the Sylvan name. Keller & George was bought in 1994 in Charlottesville, VA. The store is beside Barracks Road Shopping center and is still under the Keller & George name, which has been Charlottesville's leading jeweler since 1875. In November 1992, Schiffman's bought Shreve & Co. Jewelers, LTD. of San Francisco, CA, which consists of two stores. In 2007, Schiffman's purchased Schwarzschild Jewelers which was founded in 1897. There are three stores consisting of two locations in Richmond, VA and one location in Midlothian, VA