Inside Her Jewelry Box: Penny Preville

Like many young women, Penny adored her Grandmother’s jewelry – a string of pearls, a ring several sizes too big, an ornate charm bracelet. But, Penny wasn’t just pretending to be a grown-up. There was something about this jewelry that was miraculous. The more she looked and studied, the more enchanted she became. Grandma Adele had a story behind each piece in her jewelry box.

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Five Omega Watches that Made History

Watchmaking as an art has evolved dramatically over the centuries. From large simple pocket watches to exceptionally thin complex wristwatches, the forms of timepieces have been many throughout the years. There are always upgrades, but few manufacturers are able to boast multiple innovations as part of their history. One of those brands is OMEGA, and today, we'll take a look at five watches that changed our history and theirs.

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Anything is Possible with the 2018 Wellendorff Ring of the Year

Every year, Wellendorff announces its Ring of the Year. It’s a piece of jewelry that is more than its design. It holds an important message and meaning custom made for that moment in time.

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Our Favorite Brands Committed to Giving Back

In offices, corporations and boardrooms around the world, much time is spent analyzing profit, income, and projection statements. But there are companies that discuss all of that and making sure there is also time to give back. We are proud of all of the brand we work with but below are three of our favorites committed to make giving just as important as receiving.

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