A David Yurman thing

When you give someone a David Yurman bracelet, it’s more than just its glamour or stylish design. The David Yurman bracelet collection evokes its founders’ bohemian spirit. The iconic coiled style is reminiscent of Yurman’s wandering days in the sixties, a period of self-discovery and creative exploration. You’re invoking this spirit as you place that bracelet on her wrist. For you, she’s a world to discover, to explore, to be passionate about. She’s that universe on which you anchor your life, always looking forward to the next moment, or looking backward to find your history. She’s the journey, not the destination, and you gladly take that road to find the meanings in your life. It’s a profound thing for just a bracelet, but, hey, it’s a David Yurman thing.
David Yurman is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.


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