A History of Excellence

For the past 118 years, Wellendorff, the Pforzheim-based company, faithfully renders its untiring devotion to produce exemplary jewelry pieces, which are considered as products of generational achievements. The significant trademark W etched in almost every creation is a clear manifestation of its enormous influence and impact in the world of jewelry. That iconic emblem recognized internationally as a standard of quality in jewelry craftsmanship is already a guarantee for the ultimate visual and tactile satisfaction. It's symbolical to the anticipation of the aura of the unexplained phenomenon. The famous Wellendorff rings are distinctly designed for people of selective taste and grandeur of elegance finely molded and polished for perfection. It's a perfect gift for a perfect emotion, expressed in a patented Wellendorff creation. 
Wellendorff Jewelry Collections are exclusively displayed at Schiffman's in Winston-Salem.


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