A Quality Bracelet With Flare

The Konstantino Sterling Silver And Gold Hinged Bracelet is quite the looker. It has a very unique design that emanates elegance yet also has an air of playfulness. The gemstone is the classic diamond which makes for a simple yet very effective graceful charm.
The designer of the Konstantino Sterling Silver And Gold Hinged Bracelet is a man of true talent. Living in Greece gave him the advantage to gain inspiration from its culture and scenery. It is no wonder the bracelet feels as graceful as it is with the touch of Greece in its beauty.
The design of this bracelet from Konstantino reminds one of an accessory one might wear at a formal event in Greece. The look and feel almost reminds you of the headbands worn in ancient greece; the two petals with the implemented diamonds and the gold flower-like pieces on either side may represent the petals the headbands adorned.
The cleverly integrated vine design that circles the Konstantino Sterling Silver And Gold Hinged Bracelet is also very Greece inspired as vines are abundant in Greece, adding to the overall Greek feel of the bracelet.
The quality is magnificent. It is clear that a great deal of care was taken to ensure the bracelet is shiny and lustrous. It's not hard to tell that each detail was carefully well thought out to make sure everything fit together with perfection.
This is one bracelet to strongly consider for any avid collector, or even perhaps an ideal gift for a loved one who you know will adore its Greek atmosphere.


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