Angel’s Wings Ring of Wellendorff


Wellendorff jewelry is one of the luxurious and elegant brands of jewelry around the world. It is known for the original and distinct design characteristics found to all its creations. All of its collections blend and harmonizes together because of the commonality in features and style. The Ring collection is one of the honored collections of Wellendorff. Common designs imprinted on them are the wavelike feather designs such as that found in Wellendorff’s “Angel’s Wings” ring. The ring consists of two mobile rings, one larger than the other. The larger mobile ring contains the Wellendorff signature alongside the white-colored feather-like designs while the smaller one is beneath the larger decorated by diamonds all throughout. These are placed in a yellow gold band that gives an awesome transparent and floating effect on the ring. This ring and other Wellendorff’s pieces are superb complements to the beauty every woman. 
These are available at Schiffman's in Downtown Greensboro – an authorized dealer of Wellendorff.


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