Annieglass Ultramarine Clam Sculpture

This clam sculpture from Annieglass is a beautiful piece to display in any home. It would look wonderful as a table centerpiece, especially in a seaside home. The clam sculpture would also brighten up a mantel and add a bit of whimsy to any room in the house. It can be used to hold lightweight items for a customized look. The clam is made from ultramarine glass with beautifully sculpted raised sides. 
Annieglass is a company that creates handcrafted glassware for all occasions. They have everything from decorative items to serving and dinnerware pieces that look wonderful for parties and celebrations. Each piece from Annieglass is handmade, making them all unique. The company was founded by Annie Morhauser who discovered her love of glass blowing over 30 years ago. Since then, the company has been providing their customers with one-of-a kind glass artwork that is fun and functional. 
The Annieglass ultramarine clam sculpture comes in a lovely shade of blue. It is available in two different sizes. The larger sculpture is 16.5x21x14.75 inches and is limited edition with only 500 will be released. The smaller sculpture is 10x9x11 inches. This piece also has the option to add a personalized engraving, making it a perfect engagement, wedding, or anniversary gift. The sculpture is handcrafted and no two are exactly identical. This piece will be appreciated by anyone who likes to fill their home with unique decor that stands out and adds an element of color to and space. 


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