Annieglass Winter Pine Plate

The Annieglass Winter Pine Plate is a beautiful plate, ideal for the center piece of your table. Elegantly designed Pine Boughs are strategically embodied on the transparent glass plate in either silver or rich gold. The plate is the perfect plate to use for hearty winter meals, as well as all year around. It is delicate looking however it is durable, and dishwasher safe. The plate is handmade to perfection in California. There are matching accessories for the plate, such as the Pine Bowl and Pine Platter. The platter is a rectangular shape, the bowl is a traditional shape.  This is stunning dining plate, ideal or all occasions. It oozes style and high quality which will dazzle your dinner guests.

Within the Annieglass brand there are other collections that can be mixed and matched with this piece, such as the Annieglass metal Roman Antique, and the Ruffle or Edgey collection. The Select collection is a notable one from Annieglass, each of them are individually handset. The Edgey collection is said to be ‘the finest example of innovative glass making’. The many collections from Annieglass are overall luxurious and varied.

Whether you are having guests over, or using the plate for day to day use, there is something for all everyone’s budget and style.


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