Au + Cu + Pd = Beauty


Rose gold evokes a non-conventional vibe, a nice rich, warm look, and a little extra vintage feminine feel that most women opt to have it as color for their jewelries.  Yet finding jewelry made from it is difficult as opposed to the white and yellow options that are much more popular. One can find rose gold more difficult with watches, in fact, there is none. Until now.
Omega assembled a team of top metallurgists and scientists with the shared goal of creating the first watch to be crafted in 18K Sedna gold whose color would be not only beautiful but enduring. Sedna gold is the name OMEGA has given to a new alloy that stunningly blends three elements: gold, copper and palladium. Its unique rose color is a result, in part, of just the right proportion of copper while its palladium content helps to ensure that the reddish hue of Sedna gold will be particularly long lasting. The Omega Constellation Sedna seamlessly blends the timeless aesthetic appeal of a legendary watch family with the world premiere of an innovative material. 
To see this pioneering creation, visit Schiffman’s in Winston-Salem.


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