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Meet the Newest Omega Speedmaster: Apollo 8

Think about the rarest thing you have every seen. Maybe it was a wild animal, a secret geographic location, or a rare piece of art or sculpture. For most of us, these glimpses of a singularity are unique to us but could actually be sought out by most people. For the crew of Apollo 8 during their 1968 space mission, the experience they lived through was truly rare.

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Five Omega Watches that Made History

Watchmaking as an art has evolved dramatically over the centuries. From large simple pocket watches to exceptionally thin complex wristwatches, the forms of timepieces have been many throughout the years. There are always upgrades, but few manufacturers are able to boast multiple innovations as part of their history. One of those brands is OMEGA, and today, we'll take a look at five watches that changed our history and theirs.

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