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A Real Smart Watch Is One That Preserves Legacy

For some of our customers, timepieces are purely functional. You check the time (even if adjust it a few days after daylight savings) and you slide them back under your sleeve. But, timepieces are rich in tradition. The time honored history of preserving a watch to be passed down from father to son, mother to daughter. The heirloom that lends another level of connection through the generations. The certain sense of success a fine watch projects.

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It’s Hip to Be Square: The NEW Frederique Constant Classic Carrée Automatic

In our opinion, all brands should have a square or rectangular dress watch in their collection. Not all brands have the gravitas to capture the spirit of art deco in their creations, but Frederique Constant does it brilliantly with the new Classic Carrée Automatic.

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Five Omega Watches that Made History

Watchmaking as an art has evolved dramatically over the centuries. From large simple pocket watches to exceptionally thin complex wristwatches, the forms of timepieces have been many throughout the years. There are always upgrades, but few manufacturers are able to boast multiple innovations as part of their history. One of those brands is OMEGA, and today, we'll take a look at five watches that changed our history and theirs.

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