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A 4th Generation Labor of Love: The Wellendorff Rope

You’ve heard the expression “labor of love”, right? Often referring to acts of kindness, romantic gestures, or those little things you do to surprise her. Maybe it’s that time you had the house cleaned or that trip you took for your anniversary. Well, I hate to break it to you but the Wellendorff family has each and every one of us beat.

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Introducing Wellendorff's Necklace of the Year

For many people, stories of friends, family and even complete strangers find their way into our daily conversations - evoking joy and nostalgia. We envision the past and relive happiness whereas we picture the future and see unease. Secrets of time unlived elicit worry and woe on a yearly, weekly and sometimes even an hourly basis.

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Anything is Possible with the 2018 Wellendorff Ring of the Year

Every year, Wellendorff announces its Ring of the Year. It’s a piece of jewelry that is more than its design. It holds an important message and meaning custom made for that moment in time.

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