Dancing with Konstantino

The luxury jewelry brand that made its name with a fusion of Byzantine and Greek arts and design has gone to Spain. Konstantino's attraction to passion and art inspired him to the most emotionally charged dance in the world: the Spanish flamenco. Using the dance as style, the Konstantino Flamenco Gold captures the intensity and sharp turns of the dance. The rings and bracelets are exclusively crafted in 18k yellow gold with bold engravings yet fluid patterns. The overall style evokes the richness and depth of the dance with the pieces accented by colored and fiery gemstones, such as, London blue topaz, green peridot, citrine, and pink tourmaline. The Konstantino Flamenco Gold is an impressive jewelry you can wear in either light or dark dress. 
Konstantino is available at Schiffman's in Downtown Greensboro.


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