David Yurman Men's Dharma Wheel Amulet

The Dharma Wheel Amulet is a a rare piece of sculptured jewelry. David Yurman is well known for his jewelry pieces as each one is a work of art. Why not wear this manly decoration around your neck? You can show that you have taste in art and taste in jewelry. To wear Yurman's jewelry is an honor for many. This amulet can be worn from a chain around your neck.

This amulet has a black circular base like rare stone found in an Indiana Jones movie. This amulet is 24 mm in diameter. However, there is more class added as there are diamonds on the sterling silver wheel. This Sterling silver base, sculptured to encompass the black amulet stone has eight points stemming from a central point. This shines so purely as rays of light touch its lightness. At the end of each point is a diamond,  glittering as if to say, ‘Look at me.’ These diamonds capture your attention at the every movement of the man wearing it.

The design also resembles the face of an exquisite watch that a man would wear. You could match this amulet with a Sterling silver chain from David Yurman's collection of cable chains. In the center of the amulet is another diamond, giving the amulet an even more masculine look. It will give you the rugged look that girls love. The David Yurman Men's Dharma Wheel Amulet does not clash with any kind of attire as Black and silver with the sparkle of diamonds can be worn with any outfit.  

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