David Yurman Iconic Cufflinks

These days the casual look may be all around us, but for those who raise their sights just a little, nobody looks better than the well-groomed gentleman who knows how to coordinate his dress so that wherever he goes, people notice…and approve.

For a young man on his way up or for the more mature gentleman who has already arrived, the proper and fitting dress is almost mandatory. And double cuffs have always been preferable to single cuffs with buttons. While it’s true that it easier to button a single cuff, nothing finishes off the appearance of a gentleman’s suit than just a peek of the fuller, richer double cuff that recalls days of wealth and elegance.

Of course with double cuffs, the proper cufflinks are mandatory. There are, and always have been, a never ending list of cufflinks available to the public. Some styles are so extravagant that only a person with extremely bad taste and the intention of “dressing up” would be seen wearing them. There are cufflinks of every metal as well as of other materials, and of course, for those whose hubris dictates they display their names or initials on everything they own, there must be something personal on the cufflinks.

David Yurman's approach, however, began with the belief that a gentleman wants a cuff that is both attractive and stylish. That gentleman need look no further than the graphic cable cufflinks designed by David Yurman. These iconic links are not only tastefully designed, but of only the highest quality and workmanship.

These elegant as well as understated cufflinks inset with black onyx or even pave black diamonds place their wearer apart from the crowd. No matter what the event, formal or casual, a set of graphic cable cufflinks in sterling silver with pave black diamonds is always the right choice. And the David Yurman cufflinks are not only easy to slip into the buttonholes but are the same on the inside as on the outside, adding another attractive and desirable feature to one's dress. No matter how the wearer moves about, a part of his beautiful cufflink will always be on display.

And remember, David Yurman Graphic cable cufflinks are only a part of his collection. A collection that incorporates more exotic and unusual materials such as forged carbon, meteorite, and others. Be sure to go online to find a boutique near you and step into the world of David Yurman. Consider coordinating a matching graphic cable piece to your wardrobe too. 


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