David Yurman Men's Hex Bracelet

Are you looking for a sleek, refined jewelry look? David Yurman delivers on that front through their Hex Collection, specifically designed for and to be used by men. David Yurman's Hex Collection blend the look of engineered rubber with sterling silver or yellow gold, which is achieved through using injection molding and extrusion technology. This is the same technology that is used to create high-tech, reliable watches. The Hex Collection is inspired by six-sided patterns in nature and the hexagon shape (six straight sides and angles).

One item in this collection is the David Yurman Hex bracelet in black made with 18 karats of yellow gold, and comes in sizes small, medium, and large. Most bracelets in the Hex Collection for men are made of sterling silver and come in a wide array of colors, such as grey, black, and blue, and that is what makes this single-color bracelet from the collection unique. This Hex Collection bracelet comes with a wide magnet clasp to ensure that the bracelet is secure on the wrist, and the bracelet itself is designed to have more flexibility, resistance to scraping or wearing away, and high strength. While sterling silver and gold are both precious metals, gold is more durable than sterling silver, is more scratch-resistant, and it does not tarnish over time.


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