David Yurman Mens Meteorite Signet Ring

On a sunny fall day in Manhattan in the early 40s, a boy named David Yurman was born and his purpose was to create art. As a teen he studied different welding techniques under artist Ernesto Gonzales, focusing on three dimensional forms from molten metal rods. Later he established his own sculpting studio in New York City, and met his co-creator and life partner Sybil. Yurman focused on modern sculpture and created a jewelry business based on all of his life experiences and learning history.

The jewelry business flourished, and Yurman became famous worldwide for his exquisite, modern pieces. His men's collection is known for its impeccable quality and modern design.

The Men's Meteorite Signet Ring encapsulates the strength of a man. It has a beautiful sturdy look. The ring itself is sterling silver with a meteorite inlay. The meteorite stone absolutely glistens, and the ring itself is very masculine and extremely well crafted. This modern piece is definitely different, and the man who wears this signet ring will surely get many complements and inquiries as the ring is simply stunning. Gibeon Meteorite is what Yurman uses in his Meteorite Collection and is over four billion years old! One can find rings, cuff links, bracelets and dog tags in this collection. 


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