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Time is the most crucial element of life. It is the determinative denominator that corresponds to survival of each and everything in the world. People evolved, obtained fire, used metals, learned art, fought numerous battles, discovered gravity, flied planes and bombed states. No matter how long, even the hardest substances have tendered and ripened, the strongest dynasties have fallen, the calmest volcanoes have erupted, and animals have gone extinct, great leaders and geniuses have died, and even stars have come to their end. Time has seen the world change from its primitive ways to its technological advancements. Through these advancements, intangible as it is, time can now be held in a case. With Omega, sharing a fraction of time’s immortality, this facet of existence and life can be yours.
Omega is known as one of the world’s prime creator of the most precise timepieces. Founded in 1848, it continually contributed to the art of watchmaking by introducing numerous technological transformations. These include the caliber 1894 “Omega” and “Marine” introduced in 1932. From Speedmaster in 1957 to the Co-Axial calibers which took the industry by tempest almost 50 years after. OMEGA has always remained true to the foundation which it was identified 160 years ago--- pioneering and revolutionary watchmaker.
A technology by Omega that awed the watchmaking industry is its famous Co-Axial Technology. This innovative technology redefined the ordinary machineries that run our traditional timepieces-with less sliding friction, better mechanical efficiency, added unwavering precision and longer service intervals. Co-axial calibers embody the spirit of originality of which OMEGA is known for.
Another technology that the brand is proud of is the Silicon Balance Spring. It might be a component too small to consider but the balance spring is one of the most important part of every watch. Omega is aware of such importance, considering that it is the beating heart of your watch, it has launched its silicon balance spring with unique properties furnished in every Co-Axial caliber, enabling the brand to offer four-year warranties.
The product called Ceragold is among the most celebrated products of Omega. It is the intermingling of 18k gold into zirconium-based ceramic bezels producing an exceptional material giving it a new texture of smoothness and an aesthetically beautiful effect.
The Liquidmetal is purely an OMEGA technology. The Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Liquidmetal Limited Edition is the world’s first watch to equip Liquidmetal and ceramics. Giving that “always new” look even when it was purchased 10 years ago.
Tracing back through OMEGA’s long history, excellence and perfection has always been the brand’s tradition. Multi-awarded for its designs, Omega’s wristwatches are certainly the definition of accuracy and precision.
When we talk about quality, Omega is the record holder. Beating any other watchmaker, the brand participated in all six lunar landings and transported not only its unparalleled Co-Axial calibers but also more of its superior timepieces.
Victorious -- that is Bond with Omega.  As cunning and clever as Omega, Agent 007 needs a prime gadget to outwit his nemesis and with the job he has, time is of the prime essence. Omega has always been a part of James Bond’s invincibility for almost two decades and now with the new Bond generation, the Omega adventure continues. Omega and Bond seems to be meant to be together. It was only like yesterday and now, 50 years has passed since Dr. No, the first 007 film, premiered in movie theatres, and since then James Bond has shared his action, adventure, villains and beautiful women. To celebrate 50 years of Bond and his films’ memorable thrills, Omega introduces its Seamaster James Bond 50th Anniversary Collector’s Piece.
From GoldenEye in 1995 to Skyfall, the latest film, James Bond has saved the day with his most reliable and precise accomplice at hand. Omega introduces the 23rd film in the James Bond franchise, Skyfall starring brand ambassador Daniel Craig and Seamaster Planet Ocean. The world’s best-known and most handsome secret-agent is back to take on another mission. 
Proving more the strong bond between James Bond and Omega, the brand presents its extraordinary limited edition including the Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M Skyfall. Each piece celebrates James Bond and the seven films Omega has starred as the sidekick of Agent 007.
Tested and proven by time, Omega established a reputation that still unreachable and unequaled. Each of its timepieces is a reminder that although time is intangible, you have the ability to hold it. And though you cannot stop it, we have the power to use it to craft your own greatness. More importantly, you can never bring it back, so never waste it and have a good time!
Like James Bond, Schiffman’s also bonds with Omega! Find time and get your own piece by visiting Schiffman’s at Friendly Center. Schiffman’s is an authorized dealer for Omega.


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