John Hardy Men's Classic Chain Cross Necklace

The John Hardy Classic Chain Cross Necklace is a beautiful necklace for men. The necklace is sterling silver and measures 2.6 millimeters. The cross measures 43 by 23.5 millimeters. Its made of lava smokey quartz and has a lobster clasp. Men can wear this necklace anytime and anywhere.

The Chain Cross necklace is designed by John Hardy. The John Hardy Jewelry Company has been around since 1975.  They make and design hand-crafted jewelry for men as well as women. In the 1970s, Hardy visited the island of Bali where he became so inspired by the island's beauty he wanted to communicate the beauty of nature into his jewelry designs. The company's goal is to inspire  their customers with their jewelry. 

John Hardy has created many different collections for both men and women.  These gorgeous creations are available at Schiffman's Jewelers.  Won't you come take a look?


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