Konstantino Flamenco Gold and Topaz Earrings

Konstantino Sioulas was born in Athens and embraced the rich history of his homeland. His jewelry collections are fashioned with inspiration from the people, history, art, and mythology of Greece. All Konstantino jewelry is handcrafted by master craftsmen and goldsmiths in Athens using ancient techniques that have been perfected for many years.

The Flamenco is a dance that is known for its intensity and its expressive nature. Konstantino pays homage to this fiery dance and his love of music with his Flamenco Gold collection.

The Konstantino Flamenco Gold collection is exclusively crafted in 18 karat gold to express the richness and brilliance of the Flamenco. The exquisitely crafted earrings, rings, necklaces, and bracelets feature bold designs with fluidity and gorgeous femininity. They are truly statement pieces that will draw attention.

The Konstantino Flamenco Gold earrings featuring London blue topaz have a dramatic flair while exuding elegance. Visit our store today and see the Konstantino Flamenco Collection up-close! 


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