Konstantino Hermione Corner Drop Earrings

Inspired by the classical and timeless beauty of Ancient Greek pottery and culture, Konstantino's jewelry pieces reflect universality and ageless grace. It is also a representation of the designer's great passion for his beloved hometown of Greece. Konstantino designs jewelry that will last throughout time, such as the Hermione Collection.

This collection of earrings, pendants, and other pieces are altogether as regal as the Greek gods themselves. One product, the Hermione Corner Drop earrings, is a sterling silver piece detailed with 18K yellow gold in each of its four fleur-de-lis corners. The edges are trimmed with an exquisite hammered design that is reflected on the delicate earring hoops as well. Perhaps the most beautiful part of this jewelry is the central stone part. There are three gemstone choices for the center part of the earring. The white pearl is a vision of enduring beauty. The blue topaz reflects both royalty and elegance, while the turquoise is all about youth and grace. Each gemstone is crafted with a rounded finish.

Konstantino's Hermione Corner Drop earrings is a universal jewelry piece that is appropriate for any occasion. 


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