Konstantino Round Stone Hinged Bracelet

Every once in awhile, a piece of jewelry will capture the breathtaking beauty of a gemstone with such clear and undeniable simplicity that it is almost like the stone is filled with a life presence of its own. The Konstantino Round Stone Hinged Bracelet is one such piece and it is designed in a sterling silver and 18K gold setting which though modest in its size and style, is nontheless a stunning piece of craftsmanship.

This lovely bangle bracelet features a sterling silver band that is engraved with a Grecian scroll design and at the center is a perfectly faceted round stone set in sterling silver and accented on each side by 18 karat yellow gold spherical cones. The bracelet has an ornate hinged closure and the round center stone is available in your choice of sparkling blue topaz or vibrant turquoise.

Konstantino is an artist whose creations are alive with the poetry that courses through him and his team of artisans. They strive to make jewelry which is not only timeless but alive and eternal with the rich magic of life and its meaningful moments. Konstantino, the owner and founder of the fine jewelry line named after him, is a designer who finds inspiration in the architecture, in myths, and in art. He is most moved by his homeland of Greece, its ancient history, and its surreal beauty; the pieces he designs are the creative result of his passions and he desires to make jewelry that is unique and which captures the deep and powerful feelings that resonate through those who share this magic by wearing Konstantino jewelry.


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