Konstantino Sterling Silver and 18K Gold Mens Ring

Most consider jewelry to be a luxury only enjoyed by women, but there are many men who can also use jewelry as a way to make statements or stand out from the crowd. Many jewelers know this, and create stylish, comfortable pieces of jewelry for men to use and enjoy as well. One particular piece of jewelry, created by Konstantino, is the Sterling Silver & 18K Gold Men's Ring.

This ring is part of the Orpheus collection, which includes other amazing pieces for men such as the Sterling Silver & 18K Gold Men's Bracelet, and the Sterling Silver and 18K Gold Cross. The creator of these wonderful pieces, Konstantino, is Greek in origin. This shows in his naming of collections - Orpheus was a Greek hero of myth, making the Sterling Silver & 18K Gold Men's Ring a wonderful conversation starter. Wow others with your knowledge as well as your style when you wear this ring to parties or casual business gatherings.

The Sterling Silver & 18K Gold Men's Ring comes in half and whole sizes, makin it wearable by anyone. It also have no gemstone, making it easier to wear without having to worry about the ring catching on anything while you're out and about. It has an elegant design that makes it more than just an everyday ring - it's a statement of your sense of style and refinement. But it can be worn at any time to compliment your wardrobe, and makes a wonderful gift for a special man.


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