Konstantino Sterling Silver and 18K Gold Oval Ring

Konstantino Silous founded his own jewelry company which he self-titled. Konstantino's Greek heritage and upbringing plays a big role in the creation and designs of his jewelry. Konstantino asserts that the influences of the Greek islands are what makes his artistic creations truly unique, and he claims that for him Jewelry is the perfect medium to communicate these ideas through as it embodies beauty as well as structure.

For Konstantino, every piece of jewelry that he creates carries with it his experiences, his passion for Greece and essentially himself. His jewelry's designs are inspired from Greece as the core of civilisation, and remain timeless, unique and universally loved. This attachment to history and timelessness is what makes Konstantino's jewelry one of a kind, as each piece has been inspired by everything that has come before it.

This Sterling Silver and Gold Oval Ring is a beautiful example of classic ideas mingling with modern design. It's oval shaped center is linked with beautiful line detailing which is reminiscent of jewelry designs from Ancient Greece. It is made with silver and 18k gold. As part of Konstantino's classics collection, this ring embodies beauty and class. An elegant and timeless piece, this ring will be a stunning addition to any hand. It's available in a variety of whole and half sizes, so there's the perfect fit for everyone.


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