Konstantino: Unique, Timeless, Modern, Greek

Ancient Greece is a gift that keeps on giving. It has long benefited the world with its great culture and ideas. One can argue that today, one good thing that comes from Greece are Konstantino jewelry pieces. Collections from Konstantino are all inspired by the art, architecture, mythology and the people of Greece. These inspirations are brought together to form a unique fusion that can only come from one genius – Konstantino Sioulas
These pieces are known worldwide for their uniqueness and admirable artisanship. The richness of Greek legacy and culture heavily influenced Konstantino. And this influence has made the difference in his pieces, this inspiration affords Konstantino the sensibility to design jewelry that mixes universal beauty and elegance with the modern world. Konstantino adornments have remained to be individually crafted in Athens – all in sterling silver and 18 karat gold. 
To find the Konstantino pieces that are for you, you can come and visit Schiffman’s at Winston-Salem. Schiffman’s is an authorized dealer for Konstantino. 


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