Magical Pieces from Wellendorff

Wellendorff has been around for a little more than 120 years and since its birth, it has continued to dazzle jewelry enthusiasts everywhere with its artistically clever use of technology to infuse elegance and design together. One Wellendorff hallmark is the creation of the golden rope necklace. The first successful one was made in 1977 after years of studies. This particular piece is made of solid 8-karat gold yet feels soft and silky to the wearer. Today, the piece is often being copied without considerable success. Apart from this innovative piece, Wellendorff has also presented to the world another magical creation – the magical spinning rings. Every Wellendorff ring comprises of a minimum of four individual rings linked together in the right proportions to allow them to spin freely. This is not an easy feat as Wellendorff goldsmiths practice the highest levels of precision and exercise superb technical know-how. 
To see what other magical pieces that the 120 years of Wellendorff has brought, please pay us a visit at Schiffman’s in Winston-Salem. 


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