Market value of a watch

Did you know you can use economics to gauge a luxury watch’s value if you’re thinking of buying one? Omega continues to experience worldwide acceptance as the company announced mid-April an increase of $0.01 per share in its quarterly common dividend. The watch company has 188.2 million shares of common stock. While all these sound too business-like to a watch collector, it’s clear that Omega offers value as a luxury watch or as a collector’s item. When a company is gaining shares, investors are trusting that the company is producing a product that the market accepts. On this note, if you’re a watch lover you’ll love the idea that your timepiece is widely renowned in the world.  For a collector, that means it’s easier to resell the watch as long as the company maintains its stock value on an upward swing.
Omega is available at Friendly Center and in Winston-Salem.


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