Mikimoto Midnight Sky Necklace

The Midnight Sky necklace from Mikimoto features the brand's famous cultured pearls. This necklace has a length of 25". It is made of beautiful white gold with accents of pearls and gemstones. The pearls featured on this necklace are Baroque South Sea cultured pearls and are of the most beautiful color and quality. The necklace has brilliantly cut diamonds for sparkle and light-catching qualities. It also has paraiba tourmalines and blue sapphires. This necklace is a very special piece of jewelry that can stand on it's own to accent an outfit for a special evening on the town.

Mikimoto is known for their cultured pearls. The founder of the brand, Kokichi Mikimoto, was the first in the world to create a cultured pearl. The brand has been adorning women all around the world with cultured pearls since 1893. The pearls were first created because of the over-harvesting of naturally created pearls. Since the creation of these pearls by Mikimoto, the cultured pearl jewelry from the brand has became known as some of the most luxurious and beautiful pearl jewelry available.

Mikimoto's Midnight Sky Necklace features cool tones with cultured pearls and gemstones. This unique combination creates a necklace that resembles a cold winter night sky. The necklace was designed with elements to mimic that icy feeling. It would make a wonderful gift for the pearl enthusiast, or for anyone who appreciates fine jewelry. The Midnight Sky necklace looks fabulous on its own but it can also coordinate with other Mikimoto pearl jewelry.


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