Mikimoto Splash Pendant

Kokichi Mikimoto is a well-known king of pearls. He is the founder of the Mikimoto collection over 30 years ago thus revolutioning the pearl industry. The world’s first designer to craft natural and cultured pearls. He is the gold standard of the world finest cultured pearls. It is the largest online section of jewellery. From necklaces, bracelests, earings and rings are found in this massive japans jeweler.

The Mikimoto splash pendant is made from diamond, gold and silver. Handcrafted and refined according to the worlds nature. The Akoya- cultured pear land diamonds is the center of creativity of Mikimoto splash pendant It comes in different colour, shapes, size and texture: rhapsody pendant, morning dew pendant, sweet cup cake pendant to mention but a few. It represents the vibrant energy of moving water.

For Mikimoto, water is the embodiment of style and grace. This collection takes inspiration on the notion of earth as dynamic, animated planet and appreciates the essence of water to every living thingThe collection is based on the theme of water splashing. They are made by skillfully blending traditional Japanese craftsmanship and European techniques to create the distinctive Mikimoto style.

The Mikimoto twist black south sea cultured pearl pendant is a collection of natural, free-from designs projected to showcase the pearl from all sides. The splash pendant is worn by royalties, celebrities and others who love it.


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