Omega Constellation Co-Axial Ladies Gold 35mm Watch

This Omega constellation co-axial watch is made of gold, with beautiful diamonds all throughout and around the face. It is an elegant watch that has been crafted well to make any woman feel special when she slips it onto her wrist. The diamonds are all placed elegantly in a swirled pattern, and there is a small star in the center of them all. The band of the watch is all gold, and even though it is a bit thick, it is still a very classy piece. This watch has everything that it needs to stand out and be a bold statement piece, and yet it is simple in its features, as well.

Omega was founded in 1848 by Louis Brandt, a man who was talented in creating watches. He created key wound pocket watches and started selling them across Europe. When his sons took over the company they began to branch out even more and turn his watches into something bigger. Now, Omega creates gorgeous watches for both men and woman. The materials used in these watches are often gold, silver, and diamonds. They are high quality watches that everyone feels good owning and wearing, and some of the watches have unique designs on them, while others are completely classic. Each one of the watches is made carefully to be something that anyone will feel proud to own.


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