Omega Constellation Globemaster watch

The Omega Constellation Globemaster watch features an annual calendar showing the month, date and time all in one quick glance. The ice blue central hand shows you the month, and the date is neatly presented in numerical form. The watch only needs manually correcting once a year, as the clever design automatically recognises how many days are in each month. The anti-reflective dome ensures no light is too bright for perfect visibility, and the steel case and scratch resistant dial result in a stylish yet bulletproof accessory. This stunning grey statement piece keeps time accurately and efficiently in all weathers and conditions due to its 100 meter water resistance. If those features aren't enough, the Constellation Globemaster watch is flexible. Don't like the strap? Change it. The grey dial matches effortlessly with the brown, pinstriped, red-and-black or copper straps available to mix and match as you see fit. An excellent and versatile companion to any outfit and any occasion.
Omega produce watches for astronauts, for athletes, and for you. The first watch on the Moon was an Omega, and what better testament to a brand is that? With 160 years of experience crafting the finest timepieces, the highest quality is always assured. Committed to innovation and quality in every single time piece they create, the Omega Constellation Globemaster watch is the epitome of luxury, packed full of features and a dream design to wear.


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