Open Stardust Ring by Penny Preville

Longing, desires, and dreams transform into a gorgeous Open Stardust Ring by Penny Preville’s interpretation of precious metals and diamonds. It visually represents what the ring bearer wants the world to know. The polished surfaces twist into clean geometric lines making the poetic piece contemporary. The contrast between the enclosing sides of gleaming 18K gold surrounding an opening, leaves the ring’s poetic expression to be discovered by the interaction with others.

The diamonds play a central role in highlighting the flow of its design. The pear-shaped diamonds have a roundness with a marquise brilliant cut. The design created one of the largest crown surfaces of any diamond shape. With any light in any setting especially social ones, the pear-shaped diamonds glimmer strongly and beckon all to view it. The round brilliant cut diamonds that lay beside the pear-shaped diamonds, due to the numerous facets, have exceptional radiance. The star facet on the gem highlights the cascade of light bouncing on the surface. The splintery pattern gives a mosaic of light and dark reflections. Six centuries of skilled diamond cutters developed the pattern. The artistry of it identifies the ring as modern. With modern diamond cuts on the rounds more colors display as the light caresses the gem’s facets. The sparkles surrounding the pear-shaped diamond make the stardust light appear with every movement of the hand in space.

Instead of feeling captured by the tradition of gems and rings, a woman feels set free to determine her own personal sense of style which Penny Preville has developed a reputation for in her creations. The feeling of freedom also places the ring into modern contemporary design.

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