Penny Preville Scroll Ring

The Penny Preville Scroll Ring is among the top-selling jewelry brands. Penny Preville is a college graduate who studied art design and jewelry making and is making a living doing what she loves. Penny got interested in art design from her childhood when she saw the jewelry owned by her grandmother. Penny Preville's exquisite work has won the jewelry design award of the year. The fine jewelry by Penny Preville has an attractive signature depicting femininity and luxury. Her jewelry fulfills the balance between three principles of the jewelry market- elegance, fashion, and innovation. 

The Penny Preville Scroll Ring is a classic ring made of 18K Gold. The total carat weight of the scroll ring is approximately 0.57. The scroll rings are available in many gorgeous colors. Penny Preville’s jewelry collections have a variety of earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, chains, and pendants. The designs and signatures of Penny Preville are unmatched! 


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