Phillips House Intertwined Hero Necklace

The Phillips House Intertwined Hero Necklace is a unique and fashionable, stunning yellow gold necklace for women. It features a delicate mid-length neck chain with single gold links. The pendent houses eight intertwined diamond encrusted links, to form an eye catching unique shape. The diamonds intertwined are surrounded by gold.

This necklace is an elegant piece of jewelry, designed and suited for women at any stage of life. It is ageless and timeless. It can be worn on special occasions or daily as a reminder of empowerment, reminding the modern woman of the 21st century of her inner power, strength and motivate her to remain grounded - a true heroine.

Phillips House are creators of empowering symbolic jewelry. Other pieces include the Mini Layer Hero Necklace and the Large Layer Hero Necklace, both with their own unique designs, and diamond encrusted powerful symbols, on delicate single link yellow gold chains. This jewelry range is designed to stand out from the crowd, and allow the wearer to make a bold fashion statement.

Lisa Philips Frankel and Danielle Frankel Nemiroff are the female innovators behind this fashionable brand for women. Since the designers established their brand they have graced the pages of many fashion magazines, as well as made an appearance on the cover of Women’s Wear Daily. They are the exclusive jewelry designers for the queen of England and Princess Kate Middleton. Lisa Philips Frankel is an award winning jewelry designer, her inspiration for her collections has come from her passion for classic architectural design.


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