Rock and Roll and Greek

What jewelry brand is Greek and Rock and Roll? Well, that’s easy. It is Konstantino – the brand that boldly mixes the timeless aesthetic elegance of Ancient Greece with the modern groove and angst of Rock and Roll. This has been the design philosophy and the field of interest of the brand that holds the same name as its creator. Every side of every Konstantino piece is detailed like an ancient masterpiece. Konstantino’s handcrafted beauties are very hard not to stare at. Wearers also have reported a shared experience of not wanting to take them off. This is part of that Konstantino charm of mixing unique and awesome design with great craftsmanship. Konstantino’s success rides on taking the best of being Greek and having that Rock and Roll lifestyle to new aesthetic avenues of exploration. It is truly a unique brand that easily charms itself to discerning hearts. 
Konstantino pieces are available at Schiffman’s at Friendly Center. 


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