Stunning Ivy Black Necklace from Charles Krypell

Charles Krypell’s Ivy Black Sapphire necklace is a stunning sterling silver, and sapphire piece of jewelry for women. It features four white sapphires and forty four black ones, embedded on a 42 x 25 mm classic shape oval pendent, and seventeen inch sterling silver chain. This necklace is designed to make the wearer stand out from the crowd. The craftsmanship is simple, yet effective enough to allow the wearer to make an elegant fashion statement. The black sapphires contrast brilliantly against the white ones to catch the eye. The unique pavé settings help to add dimension and texture to an already captivating design. This necklace oozes class and style for women who need a special center piece, to highlight their elegant evening wear.

Charles Kypell’s creative talent to bring customers around the world the timeless pieces that they desire began in his jewelry collecting days. The designer was born and raised in New York, he studied his craft in Brooklyn, New York at the Pratt Institute. Following this he worked as an apprentice alongside Toshio Odate, a carver and sculptor. Presently, Charles Kypell is still turning his hand to designing highly desired jewelry. Charles Kypell has stated that "my design style is passionately evolving," creating the very best from engagement rings, earrings, bracelets and watches for men and women.


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