The Allure of the Dark Side

It has inspired numerous films, songs, and literature.  Elton John had sung a cover and so did Pink Floyd.  It was the theme of a popular Russian television series, as it was the tone that set a blockbuster movie about transforming robots. It was even made into a novel back in 2006. The dark side of the moon, it’s mysterious, secretive, its face forever turned away from earth. Omega was likewise drawn to its enigma with the release of its watch model, The Dark Side of the Moon Speedmaster. It celebrates the Apollo 8 astronauts’ feat, the first men to have seen this dark side in 1968. The watch is made from a single piece of black zirconium oxide ceramic, rugged and strong, but alluring like its source of inspiration.
Omega is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.


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