The Genteel and Enduring Elegance of Wellendorff


For an astounding one hundred and twenty years, the name of Wellendorff has been synonymous with the exceptional quality, fabulous designs and extraordinary beauty of the fine jewelry it creates. The company’s logo, the Diamond W, is considered as the most costly trademark in the world. Crafted from eighteen-karat gold and adorned with a full-cut diamond, it is also a symbol of expertise and enduring values the company upholds.
The story of this remarkable family enterprise began when Ernst Alexander Wellendorff established his jewelry manufactory in Pforzheim, Germany in 1893. His wonderful creations and exemplary gold craftsmanship soon had him creating jewelry masterpieces for European royalty as well as international nobility and the wealthy. Through the years, Wellendorff built a reputation of excellent artistry and gold craftsmanship manifested by the classic beauty of the jewelers’ handiworks. Presently, the company is managed by the fourth generation of Wellendorffs who have inherited their forebears’ unrelenting quest for excellence in their craft. Working closely as a team together with a select group of craftsmen, the family maintains the principles of unprecedented quality and unique designs of which their name is renowned for. These are the genuine values that set Wellendorff apart and allow the allure of their masterpieces to endure through time. Today, the muted elegance and sophistication of their jewelry collections appeal to an international clientele with a discriminating taste who prefer the genteel beauty of Wellendorff jewels.
Wellendorff created the first rope necklace in 1978 and since then this fabulous piece has been one of the most popular items in its collections. As a classic masterpiece, the rope is an inimitable Wellendorff creation that is truly it own. Only twenty pieces of this unique jewelry is made everyday at the Wellendorff manufactory. Each rope is handmade from 18K gold wire the length of two football fields or approximately a hundred and sixty meters. The gold threads are interwoven to form gold rope strands. These are designed to give each rope maximum strength and a suppleness that allows them to follow the contours of a woman’s neckline and to gently nestle against the skin. The varied and enchanting designs of the rope necklaces reflect the scintillating beauty of their names. “Wings of the Sun” and “Diamond Temptation” are formed from golden strands caught together through a diamond-studded golden bead. The edges culminate in bewitching tassels that softly swish and sway with every movement. Swirls of golden ropes beaded by diamond dewdrops is called “Morning Sun” while “Sunbeam” is simply alluring as a single sunray. The sheen of the golden ropes is breathtaking and fabulously looking against any skin tone. Coupled with the soft, silky feel of its strands, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the Wellendorff rope is treasured by many women.
The famed, colored spinning ring is another Wellendorff masterpiece that has built the brand's reputation as an exemplary jeweler. Each ring is actually composed of four separate rings which are firmly attached to each other in a particular way that lets them revolve or spin. A high level of precision also gives the metal a smooth, velvety finish that permits the revolving movement of the rings. Wellendorff craftsmen use a unique engraving process that allows translucent cold enamel, developed especially for jewelry, to match the stretching of the gold. This amazing technology gives the Wellendorff ring its gorgeous colors and fascinating designs. A sparkling display of colors and lights flash out when diamond-encrusted bands on some of the rings are spun. Most notable among the designs of the spinning rings is the interplay of the angels’ wings that swirl gently on the bands giving them their heavenly names – “Angel’s Wings”, “Crystal Wings” and “Angel’s Hair” among others. This out-of-the-world charm gives the Wellendorff spinning ring its inimitable character and lasting appeal.
An addition to the Wellendorff classic creations is the Golden Angel Collection. The design of the collection was inspired by a letter from a woman who owned a Wellendorff necklace with a little golden angel on it. In her letter, the lady narrated how her golden angel, which had been a gift to her, survived a fire which ravaged her home a few years past. Her touching story led Wellendorff to launch a ring collection with an angelic touch. Each piece in this collection exudes the same captivating design and beauty of the classic Wellendorff ring. The distinctive feature of this amazing collection is the little golden angel etched inside the band of each ring, seemingly a secret guardian for the wearer. This sublime touch adds a mystique appeal to the Wellendorff Golden Angel Collection which is distinctly its own.
True to the company’s ideals of impeccable quality and perfect gold craftsmanship, each Wellendorff jewelry piece is subjected to a meticulous final scrutiny under a 20 power magnifier before it is given the Diamond W – the symbol that guarantees the highest level of quality of a Wellendorff jewel. You may discover your own Wellendorff treasure at their boutiques in Europe and Asia, as well as  at Schiffman’s in Winston-Salem and a few select authorized dealers at strategic locations across the globe.



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