The Glory of Sports Time-Keeping

Humans have always been fascinated with sports since time immemorial. We all know that competitive athletics somehow stirs us at gut level, either as participant or as spectator; and we also know that sports competition spurs trade, political posturing and cultural razzle-dazzle. But more often than not, it is the thirst for justice and equality that fuels this love, nay addiction, of sports. In sports, we expect that the “rules of the game” will be strictly enforced; if not, the spirit of sport becomes a sham. And that’s where sports time-keeping comes in.
Sports timekeeping has been a part of the Omega story for more than a century. The on-going development of new timekeeping and data handling technologies have been an important part of Omega's eighty-year partnership with the International Olympic Committee and the world’s finest athletes and is a defining part of the commitment to measuring, displaying and distributing the great performances at each edition of the Olympic Games.
Come see timepieces that have kept pace with ever-better performances – from the company that have been responsible for the timekeeping of the world’s most prestigious sporting events – at Schiffman’s in Winston-Salem. 


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