The Golden Rope

The Wellendorff's famous weaving of golden thread is the most eccentrically exquisite creation in the world of gemologist. The detailed intricacy and meticulous crafting provides a distinct character of the jewelry piece. This classic piece of artistic weaving is in itself an avant-garde design meant to provoke thoughts of questions on how was it created. Truly, this art formation reflects the kind of attitude and principles the creators of Wellendorff possessed.
Among the superb and creative features of the Wellendorff gold jewelry is that these golden rings revolve among themselves. The Wellendorff's golden ropes is a masterpiece in itself beyond comparison and prestige. A classic work of art in its intricacy and complexity of character intended only for the noble, elegant and vivacious clientele. A projection of complex beauty with elegance! 
Schiffman's in Winston-Salem is an authorized dealer of Wellendorff Jewelry.


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