The Good Old Brand

MacBooks and Samsung Galaxy Android phones are evidences to prove our goodbye to the good old days of our traditional means and methods of communication and recreation and these are also proofs of our hello to the flying-car-near-future. How mind boggling and spine thrilling to think to see Audis and BMWs take flight with Piper and Cessna turbo props. But to reminisce running across the golden hay fields and feeling the warm breeze touching your face during the summer in the farm is heartwarming. The new and modern things awaken our curiosity but the good old days still captivate our hearts. Like our good old days, we love good old brands.
Wellendorff is a good old brand family-owned German manufacturer of luxury jewelry headquartered in Pforzheim, Baden Württemberg. Established in Pforzheim in 1893 by the founder Ernst Alexander Wellendorff, Wellendorff became famous for its rope necklace and colored spinning rings, known today as the brand’s classic pieces.
The story began after good old Wellendorff studied at the Grand Duchy of Baden Arts College in Pforzheim, graduating with flying colors. The propinquity to Baden-Baden, where German nobility and the international aristocracy gathered to take the waters, played a part in the rapid rise of this self-employed designer and goldsmith. His excellent goldsmith work and artistic skills soon brought him to the attention of clients in Russia and England. 
After the company was totally destroyed in the Second World War, Ernst’s son,  Alex Wellendorff, rebuilt the company. Hanspeter Wellendorff (son of Dr. Alex Wellendorff and grandson of Ernst Alexander) became the company’s managing director in 1960.
Since then, Wellendorff has become one of the world’s most successful jewelry companies. Known for its world class craftsmanship and design, Wellendorff only uses the finest materials to create the jewelry of perfect balance of German culture and genuine family values. Ernst Alexander Wellendorff was firm in emphasizing the importance of family among others. Because of that, Wellendorff is currently run by his great-great grandchildren and still a family-owned company. 
Genuine family values and timeless craftsmanship passed down from generation to generation of unbroken family link is what makes Wellendorff pieces an iconic symbol of the highest quality bestowed in jewelry. Standards of excellence and state of the art manufacturing techniques and technology constantly developed to keep up with the fast changing global demands while remaining faithful with the traditional German family ties. The “W” crowned with a diamond is the company’s official logo which also symbolizes the highest quality of goldsmith skills.
Ernst Alexander Wellendorff once said that “[w]hen one is working with the best and most precious materials such as gold and diamonds, taking on the best goldsmiths and specialists and putting the best tools in their hands, it is almost inevitable that one will get the best and finest jewelry in the world that will thrill even the most discriminating jewelry connoisseur.” That’s why the Wellendorff family remained true to this principle and will not falter in providing honest quality products to customers all over the world bringing to them the German jewelry experience.
As family bond and values are important to Wellendorff, the wearer should feel comfortable and secure when a Wellendorff piece is worn like how one should feel when she’s with her family. The sense of security and belongingness that is felt by the heart through the comfort given by the jewelry itself is why the Wellendorff family works hand in hand, coordinating and incorporating ideas and concepts that are surely original and universal.
And since Wellendorff is strict and straightforward when it comes to quality and standards, there are only few selected authorized dealers and jewelers where Wellendorff allows its luxury items to be put up on sale. One of these chosen few is Schiffman’s. Have your own personal German jewelry experience at Schiffman’s at Friendly Center. Friendly staff and expert jewelers are happy to welcome, to serve and to entertain your inquiries and concerns regarding any of their items. Schiffman’s is an empowered dealer for Wellendorff.


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