The Special William Yeoward Calypso Cocktail-Wine Glass

This William Yeoward Calypso Cocktail-Wine Glass is the type of glass that is different from any other out there. Those who are seeking a glass that will allow them to entertain in a new way will find that this one will set them up with just what they need to impress their guests. The swirled design of this glass is something that gives it character and sets it apart from all others. This cocktail-wine glass was created out of handmade glass, and the work that was completed on it was handled with care. Clear and shiny, smooth and clean, this glass is something that is perfectly made to suit the needs of any host or anyone who is looking for a unique piece that they can use when drinking at home on their own.

William Yeoward Crystal was developed in 1995, and the company has grown through the years that they have been in business. A chance meeting between two men with a passion for all things crystal helped the company to come together, and the people created a company that is dedicated to quality. Every individual item that is created by William Yeoward Crystal is something that is created after much thought and with much care. Attention is paid to every detail in the design process, ensuring that everyitem from William Yeoward Crystal is made well and will please the one who purchases it.


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