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Not everyone likes the same foods, but you might feel like chocolate is something a whole bunch of people really like! For sure, it’s one of the most popular sweets of all time. Women crave it, men hoard it, and Aztec kings were said to have been the first to eat it. Scientists and researchers have done a lot of studies on why people crave and enjoy chocolate so much. But for almost all of us, it’s as simple as it gets. For sure, even if you’re on a diet, there is always a tort reply: I’d give up chocolate, but I’m not a quitter! 
Although we are certain no one really needs a ‘reason’ per se to love chocolate, there are varied rationales why chocolate is so popular – from having, in it, hundreds of naturally occurring chemicals that have been shown to have “feel good” effects on our bodies to the practical reason of it melting in our mouth; from lowering our risk of cancer and heart disease to being great for our sex life.  In fact, every September 13, chocoholics from all over the world celebrate their beloved candy on International Chocolate Day. 
Maybe that is why there are so many people who have incorporated chocolates in their everyday things that have eventually affected their everyday lives. So let’s forget about just eating chocolate and think of how chocolate makers who let their imaginations run wild, created some truly amazing and unique edible objects that may surprise you – from a chocolate knife to a chocolate laptop, from Le Whif (a great way of consuming this chocolate is by breathing it) to a chocolate toothpaste (chocolate has been found to clean teeth better), from a chocolate dress to a chocolate soap – le’ts call this pair, the “chocolate vanity”, from chocolate keyboard to a whole room made of chocolate from floor to ceiling, from a BMW made entirely from chocolate to reminiscing the romance of love letter through a chocolate life-sized mailbox, from chocolate shoes (wearable) to a chocolate chess set, and of course, the most popular, chocolate sculpture. 
Naturally, we don’t need to be chocoholics to appreciate these finer things in life. In fact, they don’t even have to be edible to be appreciated – they just have to have chocolates in them. But how about a ring, a really beautiful ring, not made of chocolate but is so stunning, captivating and so heavenly that they called it the “Chocolate Angel”? Would you still like it? I bet you’ll love it!
In its latest collection entitled Angel’s Wings, the German jewelry manufacturer Wellendorff expresses the idea of beneficent powers that occasionally guide us in life and love. Thanks to the company’s long history of craftsmanship that has been passed down from generation to generation and their own contemporary style, Wellendorff has created the Chocolate Angel ring. 
Angels can protect, accompany and bring people together, that is why this sense of protection and guidance reveals itself between stylized leaf or branch motif throughout this fascinating Wellendorff Chocolate Angel enamel ring. It is set with 0.47ct of round-brilliant cut diamonds in 18ct white gold and reveals the quality of the craftsmanship so cherished by the family-run company from Pforzheim.  The embellishments you will see on the ring are engraved by hand in three layers into the gold and filled up in several layers with enamel. Additional details typical of Wellendorff are the perfectly crafted inner ring that rotates independently of the ring body and the diamond-shaped knurled relief framing the inner ring – evidence of the outstanding craftsmanship of the Wellendorff goldsmiths.  Like all pieces of jewellery by Wellendorff, the ring is adorned with the company’s logo, a diamond-studded “W”. 
With its chocolate color, creative patterns, ornaments and diamonds, it proves to be a real eye-catcher, not just for chocolate lovers but also for the exceptional-jewelry connoisseurs.  
Truly, we feel the happiest and most inspired when we are surrounded by the things that we love. Yes, some of the best things in life are intangible, and that one could experience them at any time if one just opened his or her heart and mind to let them in. But come on, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying materials things. For every object in life has its own meaning and a special value because it is connected with how it came into our possession and how it has become anchored in our memories. So, indubitably, we will still be huge fans of chocolates (in all sizes, and in all variants), chocolate-made things (from a car to a pair of shoes), and yes, the Wellendorff Chocolate Angel -- they all taste, feel, or looked good.
To enjoy the trappings of the good life visit Schiffman’s at Friendly Center. Schiffman’s is an authorized dealer of Wellendorff jewelries. 


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