The Thread of Gold

One of the most eccentric characteristics of a Wellendorff jewelry is the craftsmanship in transforming a golden stone into a piece of art. The art of gold threading is a tedious process that requires patience, expertise and creativity to produce jewelry pieces with threaded gold. An intertwined of golden threads expertly woven to create jewelry pieces so eccentric and peculiar so as to captivate the bewilderment of astonishment in a clientele. A creation that will mesmerize people into the reality that such golden creations are only created at Wellendorff! The classic, maverick piece of weaving styles is a typical trademark of a Wellendorff jewelry presentation. A masterpiece of golden rings revolving intricately, analogous to a dance of synchronicity and balance. Wellendorff jewelry creations are a balance of complex beauty and art. To own a Wellendorff creation is an icon of prestige and unqualified nobility only reserved for people of distinct taste and royalty.
Wellendorff Jewelry Collections are available in Schiffman's at Friendly Center.


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