The True Lady

What is a true lady? Certainly not the archetypical ones that just sits and smiles and nods without speaking their minds? No. A true lady (more so, nowadays,) encircles herself with an atmosphere of unruffled strength, which, to those who come into it, gives confidence and repose.  She understands that she must respect others to be respected, comfortable enough with her femininity not to use it as a weapon nor as a form of currency; has a quick, refined, and intelligent sense of humor; and has opinions sharing them with prudence. And of course, a true lady dresses well out of respect for her person and not to please others. Hence, a true lady wears only small, tasteful jewels rather than larger gems of lesser worth. A true lady, wears the Omega DeVille Ladymatic. 
The Omega DeVille Ladymatic is one of the timepieces that have been created by Omega to address true ladies’ desire to own wristwatches that make profound fashion statements but which are also equipped with the best series-production mechanical watch movements in the world. With an enchanting design, captivating bicolor models, vibrant dials, and state-of-the-industry movement, the Omega DeVille Ladymatic is the perfect lady watch for the true lady in you. 
Come see it at Schiffman’s in Winston-Salem. 


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