The Unique Wellendorff Pure Delight Necklace

The Wellendorff Pure Delight Necklace is something that will stir up conversations and cause everyone to stop what they are doing and take notice of the one who is wearing it. This necklace has something different to offer, and it is truly a special piece. It features three gold strands that work together to create an interesting finish. The diamond detail on this necklace adds to its elegance and adds beauty to the overall design. This necklace is made of delicate 18K yellow gold, but is also available in white gold.

Wellendorff has been around since 1893, creating great pieces of jewelry through the years. They are a company that has come through a lot and that has gained much experience through the years. The company began to make signet rings in 1947, and they made them of solid gold, making a name for themselves. Every piece of jewelry that is created by the Wellendorff brand is made with careful attention to detail.


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