The Wellendorff Game

Genuine family values, Wellendorff is a family-owned business still successfully realizing its vision through each piece of jewelry that passes in the course of stringent quality checks before it receives the desirable seal of quality, a capital W crowned with a diamond, the company’s logo and also symbolizes goldsmith skills of the highest quality, emphasizing what a Wellendorff piece of jewelry is made of. For so many years, the company has mastered the twists and turns of the industry, and manufacturing jewelry, is its game to play. Playing it in style, the Maxi Diamond Game is Wellendorff’s very own 18k yellow gold and diamond game bracelet containing pretty 1.63 carats diamonds in a playful display around the piece itself. Without a doubt, Wellendorff combines world-class and state of the art techniques with exceptional designs and themes resulting in beauty beyond imagination.  
More of Wellendorff’s bits and pieces are available at Schiffman’s at Friendly Center. Schiffman’s is an authorized dealer for Wellendorff.


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