The Wellendorff Magic Waves Earrings

These beautiful earrings by Wellendorff are made of eighteen karat white gold and get their name from the turquoise and azure coloring of the gems, mirroring the clear crisp sea that inspired the design. Each side of the earring is different, one with a stunning aqua tone and the other with onyx colored enamel. This is set with white gold and several diamonds, which glisten in the light. They are easy to wear and to put as the small hinge has been very cleverly made and seamlessly slides open. The earrings are also slightly angled and so they fit comfortably on the ear. The diamonds are the real eye catching part of the design as they revolve around the outside of the jewelry. The versatility of the piece and the uniqueness of the design surely set these wonderful earrings off and make them highly attractive. The earrings are available in white or yellow gold, which both work extremely well with this beautiful design. 


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