Tissot Excellence 18k Gold Watch

With accessories, one statement piece that everyone should have in their wardrobe is a watch. With both the functionality and style that it has to offer, a watch can compete a look, both business and pleasure. One such watch that has the style and sophistication that you need for your day to day routine is the Tissot Excellence 18k Gold watch, the perfect fit for you.

All Tissot watches are handcrafted and designed in Switzerland, where the company was founded by Charles-Felicien Tissot and his son in 1853. The company has continued to prosper ever since it’s founding, creating beautiful and one of a kind watches for individuals all over the world. You will not believe the beauty in every detail of Tissot‘s watches, such as the Excellence 18k Gold watch. With its thin and simplistic design, this watch truly provides an excellent and sophisticated feel to any attire. It’s round case is enclosed in 18 karat gold, and also features a blue tinted leather strap for comfort and ease.

You truly cannot go wrong when adding a statement piece, such as this handcrafted Swiss watch, to your personal collection. The Tissot Excellence 18k Gold watch is a stunning and sophisticated piece that will provide the functionality and style that you need throughout your day.


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