Top eccentric celebrity gifts

Gift giving is a personal taste like buying someone a Konstantino exudes a private and special air. For celebrities, gift-giving can become an eccentric art. Consider these most eccentric celebrity gifts. The Beckhams, in appreciation of their respective mothers for taking care of the kids, reportedly gifted the mothers with $50,000 Audi each. Katty Perry thought buying her former husband a seat in the proposed Virgin Galactic space tour for $200,000 apiece is a cool gift.  Jamie Foxx gave his buddy Robert Downey, Jr. with two thoroughbreds to fill up the latter’s empty stable in his Malibu ranch. Courtney Cox is said to have given her Friends’ co-star Jennifer Aniston with a $12,000 bicycle. And here’s one for the record: Kanye gifted his wife Kim with ten Burger Kings. No, not the burger but the franchise.
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